Transformer Station Tops Cleveland Gallery List

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Transformer Station Tops Cleveland Gallery List

October 31, 2013

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Cleveland’s Best Art Galleries: Ten Cultural Venues in America’s Comeback City


Best known as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio also boasts an unusually appealing array of art spaces to rival any other in the country. From old railway stations to medical facilities, and from occupied warehouses to revitalised museums, Cleveland’s art scene is booming.


Transformer Station



The historic Transformer Station was built in 1924 as a substation of the Cleveland Railway Company. A recent refurbishment of the building by Process Creative Studio preserves the classic brick structure while echoing its rectangular form with a contemporary, minimalist addition. The expanded space is the home of the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Foundation, established as a platform for emerging and mid-career artists. The Bidwell Foundation has partnered with the Cleveland Museum of Art, offering the space to the museum for six months each year as a venue for significant new projects. In autumn 2013 the Cleveland Museum of Art made its Transformation Station debut with The Unicorn. The exhibition presents the work of five contemporary artists engaged in explorations into the reconstruction of the past.