Q&A: Tabitha Soren on Strange Fire Collective

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Q&A: Tabitha Soren on Strange Fire Collective

January 23, 2020

By Jess T. Dugan | January 23, 2020


Jess T. Dugan: Hello Tabitha! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. I often begin these interviews by asking about an artist’s path to discovering and pursuing photography, but as I was researching your work and life, I learned of your previous career working in television, notably covering politics for MTV as well as covering the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and George Bush senior (and winning a Peabody Award for Excellence in Journalism). So, I will still ask the same question, but with that as a background framework: how did you move into fine art photography after your career in television, and what was your path to getting to where you are today?


Tabitha Soren: I come from a military family so I had an itinerant childhood. I was born in San Antonio, TX, but I moved to Sacramento, CA, Tucson, AZ, Homestead, FL, Narragansett, RI, Irmenach, Germany, and Las Vegas, NV all before second grade….


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