“Mousse” Reviews Julia Wachtel and Anicka Yi Shows

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“Mousse” Reviews Julia Wachtel and Anicka Yi Shows

November 10, 2014

Mousse Magazine


Julia Wachtel


Rising to prominence in the early 1980s, Julia Wachtel focuses her artistic practice on the visual language of mass culture.


This first institutional solo exhibition in 20 years, features the works for which she became known as well as recent paintings. Influenced by her Pictures Generation counterparts and the 1960s protagonists of Pop Art, Wachtel appropriates popular imagery to critique an increasingly media-saturated society.



Julia Wachtel installation view at Transformer Station, Cleveland, 2014
Courtesy: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland. Photo: David Brinchford.
© Julia Wachtel



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Anika Yi “Death”


Anicka Yi creates art that poetically speaks to the experience of everyday life and the things that govern it—whether they are major corporations like Monsanto or emotions such as those tied to loss. While her art often takes the form of sculpture, it hardly behaves as such, decomposing before our very eyes or wafting away in the form of a handmade perfume. Running throughout Yi’s work is a deep interest in all of the senses a human body can experience—and thus one can often smell a work by Yi before seeing it in the gallery. Engaging with viewers on an intellectual, emotional, and even sensual level, her work is simultaneously alluring and curious.



Above: Sister, 2011


Courtesy: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland. Photos: David Brichford.
© Anicka Yi