SHOCKWAVES: An 80-minute continuous loop media installation by Kasumi

January 31, 2015 – February 1, 2015

Transformer Station presented the museum premiere of SHOCKWAVES, a hallucinatory trip into a man’s subconscious mind in the moments before his death.

The darkly comic SHOCKWAVES is about a man whose traumatic memories of childhood send him on a hallucinogenic carnival ride of self-destruction and murder. Through a Möbius strip of alternate realities, shifting times and multiple dimensions, Shockwaves weaves a kaleidoscopic nightmare tapestry of abuse and revenge.

Media artist Kasumi deploys an astonishing 25,000 public domain film samples, rotoscoped and live action film clips, dance choreography, animation and “stunning” sound design to produce a “brilliant,” “darkly madcap,” “grotesque, beautiful and transcendent” exploration of the nature of memory and our collective consciousness.

Shockwaves “expresses what film until now has not been able to.” It is “a genuinely new and original cinematic language that goes beyond images, entering intravenously into our visceral understanding.”

Image: (Animation sequence) SHOCKWAVES 16:9, 80 minutes USA/FRANCE, a film by Kasumi

Stills from the Kasumi "Shockwave" video, the latest production by the Cleveland-based artist and filmmaker.