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Small but Mighty Contemporary Art Museums

November 17, 2014

Road Trip: Small-But-Mighty Contemporary Art Museums
Don’t go big and don’t go home. Travel to these art venues instead.


November 17, 2014, Cincinnati Magazine, Alyssa Konermann (more…)

“Mousse” Reviews Julia Wachtel and Anicka Yi Shows

November 10, 2014

Mousse Magazine


Julia Wachtel


Rising to prominence in the early 1980s, Julia Wachtel focuses her artistic practice on the visual language of mass culture.


This first institutional solo exhibition in 20 years, features the works for which she became known as well as recent paintings. Influenced by her Pictures Generation counterparts and the 1960s protagonists of Pop Art, Wachtel appropriates popular imagery to critique an increasingly media-saturated society.