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Plain Dealer Reviews Redheaded Peckerwood

June 2, 2014

The Transformer Station and the Starkweather killing spree: When are multiple homicides a fitting subject for art? (Review)


Steve Litt – Plain Dealer


CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Transformer Station’s big spring exhibition, “Redheaded Peckerwood,” is a difficult and uncomfortable experience. It could hardly be otherwise.


The hand-painted white-walled tire in “Redheaded Peckerwood” is part of the eclectic approach to the Starkweather killings of 1957-58 taken by artist Christian Patterson at the Transformer Station.

In photographs, hand-painted signs, magazine clippings and actual pieces of evidence, the exhibition retraces the trail of mayhem left by 19-year-old Charlie Starkweather, who murdered 11 people in Nebraska and Wyoming during the winter of 1957-58, while accompanied by his 14-year-old runaway girlfriend, Caril Ann Fugate. (more…)