Month: August 2013

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CIFF Film Feast Announced at TS

August 28, 2013

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FILM (and other ARTS) FEASTS is a fundraiser to help support the
Cleveland International Film Festival.


CMA Debut Exhibition, The Unicorn

August 19, 2013

Cleveland Museum of Art’s Debut Exhibition at Transformer Station, The Unicorn, Opens September 7

Exhibition showcases five internationally-renowned contemporary artists’ recent works



CLEVELAND (August XX, 2013) – The Cleveland Museum of Art presents The Unicorn, its debut exhibition at Transformer Station, a new contemporary art venue owned by the Bidwell Foundation on Cleveland’s west side. The Unicorn refers to the book of the same title by Martin Walser, an author whose work often questions how humans continually reshape the past. The works in this group exhibition of five internationally-renowned contemporary artists share the processes and practices involved in the construction and reconstruction of the past. The exhibition will be on view at Transformer Station beginning September 7 through November 30, 2013.


Huffington Post Reviews “Silver Meadows”

August 2, 2013

Silver Meadows Revisited

Larissa Archer, Huffington Post