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“...Todd's work stands apart from the pack by a wide gap. This gap is made up by the sledgehammer authenticity of Todd's vision, by a violent undercurrent of emotion that hits the viewer like a baseball bat clearing a drunken human path.” - Doug Rickard in American Suburb X
This exhibition was on view May 24 - August 24, 2013
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The Transformer Station presents the first museum showing of Excerpts from Silver Meadows, the latest work by Todd Hido, one of the world's most recognized and influential photographic artists. Although Hido lives and works in California, he was born and raised in Kent, Ohio. Silver Meadows is the name of the neighborhood that Hido grew up in and this work has a strong auto-biographical undercurrent. This show is not a collection of individual photographs, but rather a world created through a sequence of images that are almost cinematic in scope and is inspired by both by Film Noir and breaking news. A story told through brooding landscapes, dangerous but vulnerable women and lonely homes, Silver Meadows is a mixture of dark memory and hard truth.   

A catalog was published on the occasion of this exhibition.
This exhibition is available to travel to other venues. For more information, email
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