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The artist has decided to limit this edition to 50. Buy now while there are still a few remaining in the edition.
This Zippo lighter was designed by Christian Patterson and fabricated under his direction for the occasion of the exhibition Redheaded Peckerwood at Transformer Station. The lighter is engraved with Patterson's signature on the back side and was produced in a limited edition of 50.
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    Available exclusively from the Transformer Station, a unique edition of eight posters produced by Todd Hido on the occasion of the opening of his show “Excerpts from Silver Meadows” and in support of the Transformer Station. Designed and produced for this show, this set includes eight posters modeled on classic movie lobby cards and featuring iconic images from the show.
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    First edition sold out by publisher. Only have a few more copies in inventory.
    “Excerpts from Silver Meadows”, is the sixth monograph by Todd Hido published by Nazraeli Press and his most ambitious project to date. Hido is one of the most widely recognized and influential photographic artists of our time. Silver Meadows is the name of a street that runs through the neighborhood in Kent, Ohio where the artist grew up. The setting of Hido’s childhood, it also became the creative wellspring for his work. Here, it serves as a point of departure for Hido’s reexamination of a Midwestern suburban upbringing; ‘a trip through the innocence of childhood and adolescence and into the darker aspects of life beyond.’ Beautifully printed on matt Japanese art paper, and featuring an ‘installation’ of tipped-in images on the case binding, “Excerpts from Silver Meadows” is printed in a first edition of 3,000 copies.

    First Edition
    Hard Cover
    14x17, 108 Pages
    120-four-color plates
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    This book functions as an instruction manual for the artwork for which it is named and is an art object in its own right. Exploring the nature of blackness and the void, this volume includes an interview by Lisa Kurzner with Jordan Tate, an essay on nothingness by Nicolas O'Brien, an excerpt from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, a photo essay by Jordan Tate using an electron microscope and a glossary of all things black. Published by Transformer Station in an edition of 500 on the occasion of the exhibition SUPERBLACK.

    First Edition
    58 Pages
    9" x 12"
    Softcover with die-cut, and black edging
    Design by the Laboratory of Manuel Bürger
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      Redheaded Peckerwood is a work with a tragic underlying narrative – the story of 19 year old Charles Starkweather and 14 year old Caril Ann Fugate who murdered ten people, including Fugate’s family, during a three day killing spree across Nebraska to the point of their capture in Douglas, Wyoming. The images record places and things central to the story, depict ideas inspired by it, and capture other moments and discoveries along the way.

      While photographs are the heart of this work, they are the complemented and informed by documents and objects that belonged to the killers and their victims – including a map, poem, confession letter, stuffed animal, hood ornament and various other items, in several cases, these materials are discoveries first made by the artist and presented here for the first time.
      In book form, the work is presented as a sort of visual crime dossier, including pieces of paper which are inserted into the book. The many individual pieces included serve as cues and clues within the visual puzzle. In this way, there are connections that are left for the viewer to be made and mysteries that are left to be solved.

      Third Edition
      168 pages
      19 cm x 24 cm
      98 images including 3 inserts, an illustrated booklet and a facsimile postcard
      Printed paper over board
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      Detroit-Superior Bridge, 2013 by Vaughn Wascovich. Photo-intaglio print with relief roll, limited edition of 50. Signed and numbered by the artist recto. Dimensions: Paper Size, approximately 22" x 30". Image size, 7" x 17"

      Wascovich collaborated with printmakers Michael Loderstedt and Christi Birchfield at Zygote Press to create this print based on Wascovich’s photograph of Detroit-Superior Bridge, featured in the show "Bridging Cleveland" one of the inaugural shows at the Transformer Station. Loderstedt experimented with several different kinds of printmaking processes before settling on a combination of photo etching with relief roll. In his photographic work, Wascovich scans an image produced from a handmade pinhole camera and manipulated by hand in the darkroom. Loderstedt’s interpretation of Wascovich’s work, while respectful of its source, fundamentally changes the work by reintroducing traces of an artist’s hand.
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