The American Dream will Melt at Transformer Station

Artists LigoranoReese are melting down The American Dream at the Republican and Democratic conventions this summer.

Artists LigoranoReese are down two 4000 pound sculptures carved in ice spelling out the words The American Dream during the Republican and Democratic conventions in Cleveland and Philadelphia – their most dramatic public artworks to date.

Transformer Station, July 19, 2016, Cleveland, Ohio
Independence Mall, July 25, 2016, Philadelphia

The American Dream ice sculptures

The power lies in giving sculpture a performative aspect which suggests change, movement and emotional power. – Jonathan Goodman, Sculpture Magazine

These enormous sculptures, each measuring over 30 feet long, will melt within 24 hours. Their disappearance will highlight the erosion of opportunity and social equality in society, intensified even further this election year.

Seeing one of the central tenets of postwar America disappear, suspends disbelief. The artists hope that witnessing the sculpture melt—literally weep through its transformation—will create a sense of urgency and act as a call to action.

What will happen

In Cleveland, the sculpture forms the backdrop for an afternoon symposium organized by The City Club on equality, opportunity and creative advocacy. Other participating organizations include Transformer Station, SPACES and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame;

In Philadelphia, the sculpture will be flanked by a chorus of poets and writers declaiming from their own work and selected writings by Howard Zinn, James Baldwin, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Claudia Rankine and Charles Reznikoff among others.

LigoranoReese will be holding writers' residencies in both cities, a total of 24 poets, writers and journalists, 12 at each location. They will have 2 hours to write their impressions of what is happening as the American Dream disappears and upload them in realtime to the meltedaway website.