Uno Lady in Concert June 8

CDJ2017 Small Hall Concerts
June 8, 7 pm - 8 pm

Admission $5.00
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In association with the exhibition “THEM!”, Transformer Station will present a series of intimate concerts on select Thursday evenings. Seating is limited.

One-woman choir, Christa “Uno Lady” Ebert relies only on her voice for musical accompaniment. With a microphone, small mixer, and loop pedal perched upon a DIY lit podium, layers of vocals entrance, explore, and invoke emotions. Haunting, serene, and always captivatingly beautiful, Uno Lady creates spell like loops, spinning you into her musical web.
Her unique talent has been acknowledged with various awards, including the prestigious Creative Workforce Fellowship,  Best Voice, and Top Band to Watch. Check out the press page for more.

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