A Day of Art, Politics and the American Dream


On July 19, while the Republican National Convention convenes close by, Transformer Station will be a forum to discuss the role of art and artists in politics.

CLEVELAND- The Transformer Station welcomes artists Kate Sopko, LigoranoReese, Elizabeth Emery and Corrie Slawson, the Cause Collective, and the City Club of Cleveland for a day of art, politics and the American Dream.

Starting at 10:00 am, catch The Fixers, a collaborative film series that highlights the democratic process, public policy, and aptly asks the question: “Who should tell Cleveland's story during the 2016 RNC?” Conceived by Cleveland artist Kate Sopko with filmmakers Robert Banks, Angela Beallor, Chelsie Corso, Tom Laffay, Elizabeth Press, and Paul Sobota, this film series, comprised of six twenty minute clips, follows six Clevelanders invested in urban vitality and social equity on tours they would give RNC delegates, if given the chance. The Fixers will play on loop in the Crane Gallery from 10 am - 6 pm.  

At noon, the Cause Collective will inflate their portable Truth Booth in the outdoor ArtYard. This installation, part of their In Search of the Truth tour, is aimed at visiting all 50 United States prior to the 2016 presidential election. The heart of this transmedia project is a video recording booth that invites the public to record two-minute videos completing the statement, "The truth is...." The public is encouraged to share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and truths about the upcoming election, or anything that inspires them. The Truth Booth will remain in the yard till 6:00 pm on Tuesday and will reopen during regular museum hours on Wednesday, July 20, and Thursday, July 21.

Artists LigoranoReese directly address the reality of the American Dream with their 4000 pound ice sculpture spelling out the words "The American Dream." Launching at 12:30 pm, this enormous sculpture will disappear within 24 hours--highlighting the erosion of opportunity and social equality within the United States. As part of this project, six writers have been selected to spend two hours with the sculpture and write their reactions to and perspective on the fading American Dream. On view until it’s gone.

At 1:00 pm, the City Club of Cleveland will kick off The American Dream: A Symposium at the Intersection of Art and Politics. This symposium features a series of free panel discussions on access and opportunity, inequality/(in)equity, and political identity and protest. Join the conversation and learn what these artworks tell us about ourselves, our community, and the political discourse that shapes our nation. Participating artists and panelists include:  Evelyn Burnett, Gregory L. Brown, Jennifer Coleman, Daniel Gray-Kontar, Amy Hanauer, Jason Hanley, Ph.D., Nora Ligorano, Marshall Reese, Victor Ruiz, Connie Schultz, Kate Sopko, Spencer Tunick, Shawn Van Sluys, R.A. Washington, Mary E. Weems, and Gary Williams. Space is limited, pre-registration is recommended.

Concluding the marathon of art and politics,  Cleveland artists Corrie Slawson and Elizabeth Emery will be onsite performing Making Money the Harder Way from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Featuring a mobile letterpress, Slawson and Emery’s performance addresses the gender income disparity in the United States. The public is invited to participate and will leave with free prints.

10 - 6 pm: The Fixers, by Kate Sopko
12 - 6 pm: The Truth Booth with the Cause Collective
12:30 pm: The American Dream Launch and Artist Residency, work by artists LigoranoReese
12:30 pm: Doors open for the Symposium
1 - 4 pm: The American Dream: A Symposium at the Intersection of Art and Politics, presented by the City Club of Cleveland
4 pm: Ice Cream in the yard provided by Mitchell’s Ice Cream
4 - 6 pm: Making Money the Harder Way with artists Corrie Slawson and Elizabeth Emery

Transformer Station
1460 West 29 Street
Cleveland, OH 44113

For more information please email Caitie Moore, Gallery Manager, caitie.moore@transformerstation.org