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Live Performance in the Galleries
April 29, 2 - 4 pm

Esther Teichmann’s film Fulmine will come to life during two live performances of Deidre Gribbin’s original composition, played by local string quartet OPUS 216. Ten minutes in length, the quartet will perform the score in intervals between 2 and 4 pm on March 4 and April 29, 2017. No reservations are required.

Cleveland based string quartet, OPUS 216, comprised of independent, classically trained musicians, will perform Gribbin’s work in costumes created by the artist, continuing their history of collaboration with other creative disciplines and institutions, including the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Transformer Station is pleased to present the first solo museum show of UK artist Esther Teichmann. This multi-media exhibition blends photography, painting, found objects, video and music into an immersive environment.

Heavy the Sea takes us into an alternate orphic world, moving from beds to swamps and caves, from mother to lover, in search of a primordial return. Here, the photographic is loosened from its referent, slipping in and out of darkness, cloaked in dripping inks, bathed in subtle hues, evoking a liquid space of night.

Teichmann’s practice looks at the relationships between loss, desire and the Imaginary. Blurring autobiography and fiction, narratives emerge from photographic fragments, working across the still and moving image, sculpture and painting.
Esther Teichmann grew up in southern Germany surrounded by lakes, rivers and forests. Her earliest memories are of being in and on water, sleeping in tents in thunderstorms and floating in canoes.

Teichmann received an MA and PhD in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art and lives and works in London. A monograph of visual works, Fulmine, and a book of essays, Falling – On Loss, Desire and the Photographic, will be published by Stanley/ Barker in 2017.